Mirema Shooting Suspect Surrenders To DCI


The suspect behind the shooting of Samwel Mugo Muvota at Mirema Drive in Nairobi has surrendered to the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI).

Dennis Karani Gachoki, while speaking to the media on Monday, denied killing Muvota, claiming that he had only met him twice in Nairobi and Meru.

Gachoki further said he was not a fugitive adding that, he was on his way to the DCI to record a statement after learning that he had been labeled an armed criminal.

“I was in Nakuru when I learned that the police had labeled me as a dangerous criminal”, he said.

Gachoki also confirmed that he had a pending case in court over fraud.

The police in a statement said, the suspect had used a firearm that was stolen from an intoxicated officer at a popular joint in Mombasa in November 2020 to shoot Muvota on Monday, May 16, afternoon.

Gachoki is also said to have been on the police hunt over the “Mchele Syndicate” but efforts to arrest him have been futile because he has officers who are his informants.

The police have revealed that the two, Gachoki and Muvota might have disagreed over sharing the profits from the “Mchele syndicate” business which led to the shooting at Nairobi”s Mirema drive.


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