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Legislators Express Confidence in Coffee Bill’s Potential to Benefit Farmers

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Mathioya MP Edwin Mugo has expressed optimism that the Coffee and Cooperative Bill currently before parliament will address many of the challenges faced by coffee farmers. He anticipates that the bill, slated for consideration when parliamentary sessions resume on September 26, will bring substantial improvements.

Mugo emphasized that if passed, the Coffee and Cooperative Bill 2023 will tackle issues such as coffee theft and mismanagement of coffee societies while ensuring that farmers receive guaranteed minimum returns. He highlighted a key provision in the bill, the establishment of a coffee police unit, which will safeguard coffee against theft and provide security at coffee factories, alleviating the financial burden on farmers for security services.

With the impending passage of the bill, legislators from coffee-growing regions are eager for its implementation, as they believe it will address the longstanding mismanagement issues in the coffee sector. The bill seeks to streamline coffee cooperative societies, ensuring that they are led by credible, competent, and qualified leaders with term limits.

Mugo emphasized the importance of this change, noting that poor leadership has been a major source of frustration for coffee farmers. The bill also mandates coffee factories to employ qualified accountants and auditors, considering the substantial sums of money they manage on behalf of farmers.

Furthermore, the bill introduces the concept of minimum guaranteed returns to shield farmers from price fluctuations. It includes provisions for immediate payment to farmers after the sale of their coffee through a proposed direct settlement system.

Mugo also called upon the government to alleviate the debt burden faced by coffee cooperative societies.

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