Is watermelon a sauce or an appetizer?

Just how big is Kalonzo Musyoka followers that he remains the deciding factor in the upcoming general election with both UDA and AZIMIO woo him to their side; he gunnered over 1 million votes in 2017 and has been the King pin in the Ukamabani area. Should Kalonzo Musyoka’s place in this election be downplayed or he is the sauce of who take it all?

Wiper democratic party leader Kalonzo Musyoka who ditched Azimio after losing the running mate position to pursue his presidential bid to Narc leader Martha Karau, has had a lot of pressure and wooing talks of returning back to Azimio from both religious leaders, OKA principles and wiper members.

Article 138 sub section 4 states that:

A candidate shall be declared elected as President if the candidate receives-

  • more than half of all the votes cast in the election; and
    (b) at least twenty-five per cent of the votes cast in each of more than half of the counties.

The question many citizens would want answered without Kalonzo on either side is which side will carry the day as the latest polls showing Ruto and Raila moving and gaining grounds head-to-head.

In a statement, Matungule MP Stephen Mule, the politicians say that neither the AZIMIO presidential flag bearer Raila Odinga nor his Kenya Kwanza counterpart William Ruto, can meet the 50+1 vote percentage requirement to win the presidency without Musyoka’s support.

Mule who also added that Kalonzo Musyoka will join the Azimio team on the campaign trail once he returns to the country. This time round, no conditions, it is Azimio’s turn to know how they will re-plan themselves. The condition now is uniting Kenyans; siting that Kenya is bigger than an individual race.

Kalonzo who is now the determining factor has also been supported by the un-wavered Ole Senkule who has vowed to support any decision Kalonzo makes in regard to the upcoming general election just 75 days away.


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