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on demand sign language interpretation service offered by you 24/7 .

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Ishara House, Ridgeways Lane, Ridgeways

P.O Box 29500-00100 Nairobi, Kenya.

Call: +254 20 5202949

Matters Disability Updated: 12 May 2022 14:15 EAT 433 Views | ~ 35 seconds

How the assistALL app appreciates Sign Language Interpreters.

A Sign Language Interpreter plays a crucial role in the lives of deaf persons aiding in effective communication, service delivery and service acquisition.

Through the assistALL app, a Sign Language Interpreter connects virtually to customers providing short-term services, bringing about economic benefits of productivity and employment.

The demand for quality interpretation services will bridge the gap, by helping make the limited resources of skilled Sign Language Interpreter be available, hence the current 500 will be able to cater for over 260,000 deaf persons.

Through the support of Government and Private Sectors in driving disability inclusion in Kenya, assistALL app will create opportunities for Sign Language Interpreters to provide services in rural areas and at an affordable rate.

The platform will encourage other Sign Language Interpreters who are not currently practicing due to physical challenges, access employment and as such help in driving Inclusion, innovation and impact of the deaf community.

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