Disability fraud and abuse


Disability abuse is where persons with disabilities are poorly handled sexually, physically, and financially.

 There are many known cases in which the disabled have been abused by staff of a care institution mostly and people this day are using persons with disabilities to their advantage, this mostly happens when the officials or those in charge falsify information to get more dissability benefits.

Disability abuse is so rampant simply because the abused have no information on what is to be done, or don’t have the right people to approach, making the abusers get away with the crimes.

Recently there was a case on a Siaya headteacher at St. Marys primary school for the deaf who was allegedly reported of sexually assaulting deaf students, the case was reported to the TSC officials but seemingly it was being handled inactively by responsible officials which made the Federation for Deaf Woman Empowerment Network Kenya members to carry out a protest because the teacher had taken off.

The federation of Deaf Woman Empowerment network Kenya representatives regretted how some people are taking advantage of people with disabilities in society instead of understanding them and helping them.

Another common case is where persons with disabilities especially those in wheelchairs, visually impaired, and persons with cerebral palsy are moved around town by abled muscline men begging day in and out, the question is does that money they collect help them? because they are ever in the streets, some doing it for prominent people like business, as we saw from news sometime back when they were exposed.

It is a plight for people with disabilities to be sensitized on their rights and the kind of abuses they should be aware of because some officials are using false information to get money on their behalf which is denying them access to their aid.


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