Despite your Condition, Your Mind is Great


Persons With Disabilities, now have a greater chance of going beyond their conditions and focusing on achieving their dreams and goals in life, to achieve this, they have to be determined and move from their comfort zone and show the world their hidden abilities.

With the United Nations Convention on the rights of PWDs, article 27 recognizes the right of PWDs to work on an equal basis as others and work freely in any environment that is inclusive of PWDs, they are, therefore, entitled to generating ideas that will help them pursue their dreams. The right helps in self-growth, talent nurturing, and exposing PWds according to their willingness to venture into different activities.

Celebrities have come up with initiatives to support the Pwds, an example of gospel singer Owen Mwatia popularly known by his stage name Daddy Owen, he lost an eye during a robbery but used that experience to turn his life around.

Daddy Owen’s decision to venture into the gospel industry paved the way for his charity awards show, the Malaika Awards for the disabled, Owen encourages Disabled Persons through the initiative that, despite having your condition, your mind is so powerful that you can use to change the world around you.

The initiative awarded institutions that are helping and taking care of persons with disabilities such as Deaf Elimu plus Limited, Heshima Children’s Centres, Utugi Angels, Kenya Society of the Blind, Special Olympics Kenya, Save our Initiatives organization, and others.

Also in ‘This Ability’ website a story by Tommy Shikwambani, featured a girl by Anna Kwetepane, 27, from Limpopo, South Africa, she is a Person With Short Stature, she established a non–profit organization (NPO) that advocates for the rights of Persons With Short Stature in October 2021, to restore their dignity and by collaborating with her fellow persons of short stature.

The above stories are encouraging, as a PWD who has a dream to achieve, you have a platform, create awareness and change people’s mentality on disabilities.


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