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HomeNewsCatholic Church Bishops Want CS Kuria To Apologize For His GMO Remarks

Catholic Church Bishops Want CS Kuria To Apologize For His GMO Remarks

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The Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops has called on Trade Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria to give an apology to Kenyans following the contentious remarks he made on GMOs leading to death.
“We have so many things that can kill us in the country. Being in this country, you are a candidate for death,” he said at a past address. And because so many things compete for death, there is nothing wrong with adding GMOs to that list. That is why we have deliberately allowed GMO until we are satisfied that we have enough maize, the staple food.”

While addressing the media on Monday, the Archbishop of the Catholic Church, Diocese of Nyeri Anthony Muheria expressed his glumness over Kuria’s comments, citing that it is inappropriate for a Cabinet minister to callously talk about death or even gamble with people’s lives.

“We feel that it was distasteful and disrespectful to Kenyans to joke about life and death and even if it is an issue to be taken as a joke it will be wrong to bring about a statement whereby we trivialize death, suffering, and insecurity. We feel, irrespective of the matter in consideration we would request that Kenyans deserve respect and not spite, and in this matter, they deserve an apology. “The Archbishop said.

The Man of God also encouraged the government to reverse its decision on GMOs and engage in a powerful debate on the matter.

“When we speak about GMOs, it is a serious matter that deserves discussion, deep and sober engagement,” he stated.

With Kuria’s sentiments sparking raising mixed reactions, among people, various leaders have given their opinions considering the lift of the ban.

Opposition leader Raila Odinga criticized the CS, accusing him of lacking scientific literacy and using his power to demean Kenyans.

“As a party, we believe the matter of GMO foods in our country is too serious to be reduced to a cruel and juvenile joke. We call upon Mr. Kuria and the UDA regime to apologize to the Kenyan people. Officials who lack scientific literacy on such serious matters must never use their office to demean the Kenyan people as though we are a helpless, enslaved lot. “The leader said.

Activist Lawyer Miguna Miguna also voiced his opposition stating that the move will lead to economic sabotage in the years to come.

“Hardworking Kenyan farmers grow nutritious organic maize. They deserve our support. Craving GMO ugali is both unpatriotic and economic sabotage to our farmers.GMO seeds will kill Kenyan farmers and their livelihoods in 5years! Liberate your mind.”Miguna tweeted.


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