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cybersoc-africa-set-to-provide-cybersecurity-solutions-to-kenyans Image

CyberSOC Africa Set To Provide Cybersecurity Solutions To Kenyans

By Shamim Kambi /Nice wambui (KNA)CyberSOC Africa, a leading Pan African cybersecurity firm, has formally set up its offices in the country with the intention o...

govt-to-equip-youths-with-digital-skills-owalo-says Image

Gov't To Equip Youths With Digital Skills, Owalo says

By KNA's Philip OnyangoThe government, through the Ministry of Information, communications, and the digital economy is committed to equipping the Kenyan youth w...

new-generation-registration-plates Image

New-Generation Registration Plates

BY ESTHER MUTURIThe government introduced new-generation vehicle registration plates last year as a measure to reduce swapping, forgetting, and duplication of c...

danube-hospitality-and-airowater-introduces-a-sustainable-drinking-water-solution-to-the-mena-region Image

Danube Hospitality and AirOWater Introduces a Sustainable Drinking Water Solution to the MENA Region

Danube Hospitality, the one-stop, end-to-end solution provider for hospitality businesses for the Middle East is paving the way towards sustainability with its...

us-temper-restrictions-on-chinese-tech-firms Image

US Temper Restrictions On Chinese Tech Firms

The United States Commerce Department on Thursday fixed 36 Chinese companies including top producers of advanced computer chips on its Entity list, firmly confi...

whatsapp-rolls-out-a-feature-that-makes-it-easier-to-message-yourself Image

WhatsApp rolls out a feature that makes it easier to message yourself

WhatsApp is releasing a feature called “Message yourself “ that allows users on the app to send messages to their own account.This feature is designed to create...

kenyan-engineer-shortlisted-for-2022-cnn-hero-of-the-year-award Image

Kenyan Engineer Shortlisted For 2022 CNN Hero Of The Year Award

Nelly Cheboi, a software engineer based in Kenya and the US, is one of the ten individuals shortlisted for the 2022 CNN Hero of the Year Award.This award honors...

is-the-iphone-15-pro-series-the-most-revolutionary-yet Image

Is the iPhone 15 Pro Series the Most Revolutionary Yet?

Apple has introduced the iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max today. These new models feature a cutting-edge aerospace-grade titanium build, which combines stren...

sanitary-pads-from-banana-fibers Image

Sanitary Pads From Banana Fibers.

Eco Bana was recently labeled the winner of the CleanTech Innovation  Competition where they bagged Ksh 120 million during the Hult Prize finals held in New Yor...

nanotech-tattoo-as-a-health-monitoring-device Image

Nanotech Tattoo As A Health Monitoring Device

South Koreans may soon be able to carry a device inside their own bodies in the form of a bespoke tattoo that automatically alerts them to potential health prob...

a-visually-impaired-engineer-invents-a-smart-cane-that-guides-using-google-maps-and-sensors Image

A Visually Impaired Engineer Invents a 'Smart Cane' that Guides Using Google Maps and Sensors

Thanks to advancement in technology, many products used on daily basis have been re-invented to offer more reliable and efficient functionality. From smart phon...

nvidias-new-driver-gives-a-major-boost-to-games-for-free-thanks-to-vrss Image

Nvidia’s new driver gives a major boost to games for free thanks to VRSS

Nvidia has started 2020 with a new driver release, and one of the best features will give around 20 games a pretty decent graphical and performance boost – esse...

how-the-visually-impaired-persons-use-smart-phones Image

How the Visually Impaired Persons Use Smart Phones

Yes, we can tweet; send text messages, post pictures and all.Message-ease KeyboardWe live in a society where people fear approaching and asking persons with dis...

apple-unveils-four-new-iphone-12-models-featuring-4k-screen-5g-capabilities-and-more Image

Apple Unveils Four New iPhone 12 Models Featuring 4K Screen, 5G Capabilities and More

Apple finally unveiled the iPhone 12 this evening after pushing the event from its usual September announcement. Dubbed Hi, Speed, the virtual event featured de...

google-faces-anti-trust-lawsuit-in-the-us-over-monopoly-claims Image

Google Faces Anti-Trust Lawsuit in the US Over Monopoly Claims

The US Justice Department has filed an anti-trust lawsuit against Google in what is considered a landmark case against tech companies. Google is accused of “unl...

sweden-bans-huawei-and-zte-from-5g-network Image

Sweden Bans Huawei and ZTE from 5G Network

Sweden is the latest country to ban Huawei and ZTE telecoms from its 5G network. The ban follows a new legislation that came into force in January 2020 after an...

whatsapp-to-introduce-video-and-voice-calls-for-desktop-version Image

Whatsapp to Introduce Video and Voice Calls for Desktop Version

Whatsapp could soon introduce voice and video calls for its desktop version. Version 2.2043.7 of the app is said to contain an update that will place it in dire...

safaricom-and-microsoft-launch-revmeet-for-videoconferencing-in-hotels Image

Safaricom and Microsoft Launch Revmeet for Videoconferencing in Hotels

Safaricom and software tech giant, Microsoft have teamed up to launch a videoconferencing facility, Revmeet. The product will enable hotels to facilitate meetin...

apple-and-google-join-6g-alliance-as-network-starts-taking-shape-to-counter-china Image

Apple and Google Join 6G Alliance As Network Starts Taking Shape To Counter China

Apple and Google are the latest to join the Next G alliance, a US trade group that consists of potential 6G Stakeholders. The group is controlled by trade assoc...

facebook-obtains-customer-relationship-management-startup-kustomer-for-1b Image

Facebook Obtains Customer Relationship Management Startup “Kustomer” For $1B

Giant Social Media Platform Facebook has completed a deal to acquire customer relationship management start up, Kustomer.Facebook did not reveal the value of th...