Azimio la Umoja -One Kenya presidential candidate Raila Odinga has launched his manifesto, sharing his plans in detail for the first 100 days once he is sworn in office as the 5th president of Kenya.

The Azimio la Umoja who have noticed the waste of money and expenditure that get lost on corruption that they will declare corruption a threat to national security as one way of dealing with vice in order to boost the economy.

Raila launched the 10-point manifesto at the Nyayo stadium hand in hand together with his running mate Martha Karua and coalition member who took to their seats to listen.

  1. ‘Kazi kwa wote’

The Azimio government is planning to have the manufacturing sector as its drive for economic growth. Azimio also plan support the local MSEs and Jua kali sector to open door for more employment and creation of wealth.

Facilitate signing of MOUs for training and employment.

  • ‘Fukuza Njaa’

 Azimio will ensure that smart agriculture, livestock and blue culture is catered for by creating an enabling environment.

  • ‘One Kenya, One product’

Azimio has also promised to increase devolved resources from the 15% it is currently by advancing the one Kenya one product program. This is Azimio has also shared that it will enable them have a double-digit economic growth.

Raila Odinga- Azimio la Umoja candidate.
  • ‘Pesa kwa jamii.’

The Pesa kwa Jamii is a social protection programme that will give Ksh.6,000 to 2million needy households across the nation as having been mentioned in the rallies and that it aims to ensure a productive middle class.

  • ‘Azimio la kina mama’

The programme plans to give access to financing for women-led businesses and provide support for women on other production factors like land.

  • ‘Inawezekana’

Here Azimio seeks to ensure that all the youths are connected and under baba connect for training, skills, mindset, technology and fund for employment.

  • ‘Maji kwa kila Boma’

To ensure all household have water and reduce the high cost of water and increase access especially amongst the poor.

  • ‘Waste not a single child’

Plan to observe all trained motivated teacher to ensure that all kids have access to free education.

Promoting digital literacy.

  •  ‘Baba care’

To ensure equal access to health and medical insurance for retired public servants.

  1. Continual administration’

Azimio has promised to continue with the accomplishment made to the realization of Kenya 2030.

The Azimio la Umoja has also promised to reduce the tax burden on Kenya as they look to have tax reforms, review the 2022/2023 3.3trillion budget and also have a plan on debt management.

The Azimio la Umoja manifesto has also focused and echoed primary production of both agricultural produce and steel which he mentioned that they will make from iron and ore.

Azimio has work to ensure that they perform as promised within the first 100 days if elected president.


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