1st Deafblind International Africa Conference


The Deafblind International in collaboration with the government of Kenya is hosting their first-ever Deafblind International Africa Conference on May 12-14, online and on-site at the Kenya Institute of Special Education in Nairobi, with the theme, “The Deafblind Reality in Africa: Meeting the SDG Opportunities & Challenges.

The Deafblind International, is a regional platform for connecting individuals who are deafblind, their families, professionals, researchers, developers, service organizations, libraries, universities, and national and international agencies, so as to enable persons with such disabilities to live a dignified life.

Deafblindlindness is a form of disability characterized by a combined loss of sight and hearing in varying degrees.

Speaking during the conference, the Deafblind International President Frank Kat said, the conference will offer a great platform to showcase research, experiences, and best practices that will shape the world for those who are deafblind.

“This is not only for people here in Kenya but around the world, this conference will help us share ideas and come up with better decisions,” he said.

He further revealed that the conference will feature brand new research and include more than 40 presentations and workshops.

“luckily new material and technology are available and at cheaper costs which will help execute our ideas”, he added.

DbI President observed that, Deafblind persons are highly marginalized in the society which makes them unable to advocate for themselves and participate in social, economic, and cultural life.

He cited that the main cause the deafblind are the furthest behind is because they face barriers such as movement, education, socialization, and generally full inclusion.

Therefore, the conference purposely aims to raise awareness among governments and other public and private stakeholders at the national and international levels to discuss issues relating to deafblindness.

The Chief Administrative secretary of the state department for gender, Linah Jebii Kilimo, who was among the chief guests at the conference said, as part of building the capacity of those with special needs the government has factored in appropriate resources for learners with deafblindness.


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