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Lifestyle Updated: 16 August 2022 13:09 EAT 288 Views | ~ 1 minute

DP Ruto:"The Chicken Seller Makes History"

Kenya's 5th President-elect William Ruto in his childhood was a chicken seller at Kambi Kuku market, Uasin Gishu county, a business which not only escalated him from rags-to-riches but also heightened his aggressiveness which has seen him take power from the "dynasties" to the "hustlers".

The 55-year-old was declared the president after he garnered 7,176,141 votes representing 50.49 percent of the votes cast, against his main rival ODM Chief Raila Odinga who followed closely with 6942,930 votes representing 48 percent of the cast votes.

Dr. Ruto's victory portrays his life as a hustler as well as his bottom-up economic model which he says will benefit the poor who are struggling to make ends meet.

During his campaigns, the DP promoted his bottom-up slogan noting that everybody in the country should have wealth and not just those at the top.

Ruto while schooling, walked barefoot to school because clothing did not always fit into the budget of his poverty-stricken family.

These humble beginnings shaped him as a person in a manner that when touring different parts of the country he was able to identify problems residents undergo in their daily lives.

The country's second in command during his political life, he has been able to work closely with great political figures in the country which has helped him understand politics from both sides.

His relationship with the top leaders gave him a chance to come up with a perfect strategy for him to ascend to power, he understands their weaknesses and strengths.

The leader attributed his victory to prayers noting that it would have not been possible to overcome the challenges he faced without divine intervention.

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