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Lifestyle Updated: 18 July 2023 10:15 EAT 235 Views | ~ 48 seconds

Why Is Nairobi Chilly In July And August? 

why-is-nairobi-chilly-in-july-and-august Image

According to the Kenya Meteorological Department director Dr. David Gikungu, the month of July marks the peak of the cold season, especially over the Highlands East of the Rift Valley and Nairobi county.

Weather experts in their explanation as to why the regions, especially Nairobi are so cold say, it is due to the incursion of cold air from the southern hemisphere, where it is winter at this time of year.

They refer to the cold air mass as the "Madagascar High" -it pushes the warm air from the equator northwards, resulting in cooler temperatures in Nairobi.

In addition, they say the cold air mass is affected by the altitude. Nairobi is located at an altitude of 5,895 feet (1,795 meters) above sea level, which means that the air is thinner and cooler at this altitude.

The weatherman advised Kenyans to stay warm during this season to avoid cases of respiratory diseases such as asthma, pneumonia, flu, and the common cold.

According to research, during such a season persons with disabilities are at risk of being affected by the aforementioned conditions.

Therefore, one has to dress warmly, stay dry, avoid going outside in the cold, stay active, and don't forget to check on your loved ones.

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