WHO Declares Ebola Outbreak In Uganda.


The World Health Organization (WHO) has declared an Ebola outbreak in Uganda.

An announcement from Uganda’s health ministry declared that the authorities are investigating six wary deaths in September.

This follows the passing on of a man, 24, who hailed from Ngabano village in Mubende district, Madudu sub county on September 20.

According to the Uganda Ministry of Health, the identified case of the 24-year-old man was accompanied by Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) symptoms.

Results from the patient’s clinical examination tested positive for the Ebola-Sudan strain.

A response team was expeditiously sent to the district for case management and contact tracing to help fight the deadly disease on time.

This is not the first time that Ebola has been reported in Uganda. It has been reported in West Africa.

Cases of Ebola have been presiding over  West African countries as well as other African countries.

As of 2020 Africa Centre for Disease Control (CDC) detailed that Uganda, South Sudan and Gabon were the leading countries in Ebola.

The symptoms of Ebola begin to manifest two to twenty-one days upon contact with the virus.

The symptoms include: Fever


Body ache

Sore throat

Loss of appetite



The first Ebola virus was discovered near the Ebola river in 1976.

Scientists are still unsure of what causes the disease. However, it is believed to be animal-borne. The virus spreads through direct contact with the body fluids, tissues, and blood of the infected.

One can also contract it through the body fluids of a person who has died of EVD. It is also possible to get the disease through sexual contact with a sickly person or one who has just recovered.



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