US Temper Restrictions On Chinese Tech Firms


The United States Commerce Department on Thursday fixed 36 Chinese companies including top producers of advanced computer chips on its Entity list, firmly confining their entry to any US technology.

The restrictions will boycott US companies from transporting goods to some of the blacklisted companies without first attaining a special license. Other companies will be further limited from buying any merchandise made using American technology.

The US Commerce Department said that the move which contains semiconductor makers Cambricon and Yangtze Memory Technologies, directed to limit China’s efforts to obtain and leverage advanced technologies including artificial intelligence for its military modernization efforts and human rights violation.

Recognized to be involved in design and research and sales and marketing of artificial intelligence chips with a rapport with the Chinese defense sector are 21 firms out of the 36.

Seven are associated to the Chinese military’s endeavor to expand hypersonic and ballistic missile systems.

Assistant Secretary of Commerce Thea Rozmon Kendler said in a statement that the Entity list additions Thursday further the Biden Administration effort to deny the PRC entry to advanced technologies for military modernization and human rights abuses.



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