The Return of One Million Football Championship


Since covid -19 struck, many activities have been shut down including sports. English premier, one of the biggest football competition took a break for fear of the spread of the deadly virus.

Despite the covid-19 hitting sports worldwide, The English premier league resumed but with restrictions set by the world health organization to combat the spread. Fans are not allowed to attend football matches to prevent physical gatherings and enhance social distancing.

In Kenya the president of FOOTBALL KENYA FEDERATION Nick Mwenda, has given a green light of the return of football activities in Kenya.

Recently Kenyafootball team HARAMBE stars played against Zambia a match that Kenya won 2-1 in absence of fans.

Regional football from counties has also resumed, the football matches are meant to grow talents from remote areas.

However, the most waited tournament is the 1million championship tournament played every year. The tournament that is sponsored by Kakamega senator Cleophas Malala is set to take place on December in Kakamega County

The tournament called CLEO MALALA SUPER CUP has seen many youth all over kakamega come together to participate. The 2020, 3 months championship will see a total of 623 men teams compete.The stereotyping in the society about Gender and games is fading away as this year’s tournament will include women championship having 96 teams participating the total of both women and men counting to 719 teams from 60 wards.

The winner of this tournament is awarded grand prize of one million cash to support the team and the well-being of players. The second team is given 500,000 shillings and the third team given 250,000shillings.since no one is looser in the tournament,3rd runners up will bag 100k as 16 county finalists will each get 50k. Fans attending the tournament do not go home empty handed as they receive jerseys and other goodies.

On talent development, the tournament has seen many local players being promoted to national level. The last tournament that was held in 2019 saw top scorer from a dominating local team called Arsenal producing a player by the meja who was signed by Kenya top premier league team Tusker fc.

The 2020 tournament is clocking as teams from the western region are tirelessly preparing to roll the ball.



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