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Health Updated: 02 October 2023 07:58 EAT 195 Views | ~ 1 minute

Teenagers Warned That Overuse Of E-pills Is A Suicide Mission

BY Moses Wekesa (KNA)

Some girls have developed a habit of using Emergency Contraceptive Pills(E-Pills) every Friday to prevent pregnancies as they engage in sex after parties.

Lurambi Sub County Sexual, Gender, and Reproductive Health Coordinator Esther Mboya has cautioned them that overuse of E-Pills is a suicide mission.

She said E-Pills are supposed to be used only twice a year, six months apart with those using it every Friday risking their lives.

She noted that when used frequently, E-Pills introduce new hormones in the body interfering with the existing ones.

The hormones, she said, can end up causing blood clots that can cause stroke and even barrenness.

“When you decide to get children, it becomes challenging due to the misuse of E-pills,” she warned.

She was speaking during the celebration to mark World Contraception Day at KAG Church in Kakamega where they engaged the deaf community.

She said the availability of the E-pills in chemists and in Kiosks makes it easier for girls to access them, asking the government to only allow the dispensing of the commodity through regulated facilities like government hospitals where girls can be taken through counseling before being given.

She said E-pills should only be used if the other contraception methods have failed and only in emergency cases and not frequently.

She regretted that some parents are not aware that their girls are taking the E-Pills urging them to start engaging their teenage girls on sexual and reproductive health matters as early as possible.

For couples, Mboya advised them to visit clinics where they can be assisted on which family planning method is suitable for them.

She said there are many contraceptives in the market approved by the government which they can choose from but is better done after counselling.

The Director of Salama Haven Non-Governmental Organization Nelly Lang’at urged people with disabilities to also access information on better contraceptives to plan their families.

She said that people with disabilities especially the deaf face challenges in accessing information on sexual and reproductive health due to language barriers yet there are contraceptive options they can use.

The Chairman of Kakamega Deaf Association Habel Ouma thanked partners for enlightening the deaf community in Kakamega on the available contraceptives in order for them to plan their families.

He said this was the first time the Deaf got information about contraception which would enable them to give birth to children that they can take care of.

He also urged the County Government to avail sign Language Interpreters in Hospitals and public offices who can assist the deaf when they seek services.

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