St Lucy Primary School For The Visually Impaired Shines In Music Festival


Kenya Music Festival resumed in schools after a two-year break due to the Covid-19 pandemic which marks its 94th edition this year.

St Lucy Primary School for the visually impaired in Meru County, defied odds by defeating five schools in the 294 sacred song set-piece class at the event held in Kisumu County.

The first phase of the event featured learners aged between four and eight years, in clusters of those in Grade One to Three.

Ismael Munene a pupil at the school attribute their success to the commitment and enthusiasm of his team members towards music.

“We were participating in the set piece songs and we become number one because we focused on the song and all of us were serious while being taught by the teacher”, said Munene.

Further, he added that despite their disabilities they not only have excelled in music but also done well in academics.

“In our school we say knowledge is sight and disability is not inability”, added Munene.

Their Music teacher Kari Elias lauded the team for the excellent performance displayed at the festival.

“Our children are talented in this other activities apart from class work”, said Ms. Elias.

The event is being hosted by three schools, Kisumu Girls, Kisumu Boys and Arya primary school.

It will run up to September 23 with a State Concert on September 24 at Kisumu State Lodge where trophies and certificates will be awarded.

The festival gives children an opportunity to develop their talents and interact with various aspects of Kenyan Culture.


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