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Saba Saba Day 2022

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Back-to-back celebrations in just a day! such a day, we don’t entertain boredom at all because life is already tough and we can only be better if we pause for a minute and look at the good happenings and feel good about them, it’s the Kiswahili language day, and Saba Saba day.

Saba Saba day is our focus, this is a  national day celebrated differently according to its significance, for instance, in Kenya, it is remembered as the day when nationwide protests took place.

On 7th July 1990, Kenyans took to the streets to demand free and fair elections as they were fed up with Moi’s government and leadership.

They held up banners protesting as they marched down the streets despite knowing the possible consequences of going against Moi’s government.

Kenyans on the streets protesting

Politicians who had called for the protest, Kenneth Matiba, and Charles Rubia were arrested days before the protest, they were demanding political, constitutional, and socio-economic reforms as Kenyans wanted democracy to prevail.

This day is also celebrated in Kenya to acknowledge and celebrate the sacrifices and efforts of the Kenyans who fought and went to the streets to ensure that there is true democracy. To date, Kenyans still fight for democracy and rights because we still complain about bad governance, heavy taxes, and violation of human rights through acts of police brutality.

Tanzanians commemorate this day in remembrance of their journey to statehood in 1954 also refer to it as “Dar es Salaam International Trade Fair Day”, it was during this day that the Tanganyika National Union (TANU) was formed by Julius Nyerere to achieve national sovereignty.

Saba Saba day comes a few days before the August general elections, be vigilant and choose your leaders wisely, do not be deceived, and maintain peace for a successful power transition.


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