Parents Of Children With CP Want Govt’s Support


Parents with cerebral palsy children want the government to come up with mechanisms on how to assist in taking care of these children including building specialized care facilities.

Fridah Ndirangu a parent of a cerebral palsy teenage in an interview with one of the media houses revealed that poor families taking care of children with CP find themselves in awkward situations because they have to balance between taking care of their families and the kid.

The mother of three disclosed that sometimes he has to lock up his 17-year-old son in a room while she goes to look for casual employment in a bid to feed the family.

She says taking care of a cerebral palsy person is not only psychologically demanding but also economically draining due to the costs that come with care and treatment.

Ms. Ndirangu during celebrations to mark this year’s International Day of Persons with Disabilities held at the Baden Powell Garden in Nyeri, called upon the community to embrace children with Cerebral palsy just like any other disability.

She challenged parents with CP children to join a group of like-minded families and help each other because most people believe children born with this condition are suffering due to some underlying social problem and therefore are supposed to be shunned at all costs.


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