Narok County Inua Jamii Beneficiaries Want Gov’t To Release Stipends

Left Lasenwa Nkadadu from Motonyi area in Narok together with her family members during the interview. PHOTO COURTESY KNA

By John Kaleke/Eunice Ngatia

Persons with disabilities, the elderly, and vulnerable children in Narok County are calling upon the government to release their Inua Jamii stipends.

The Inua Jamii cash transfer programme beneficiaries have decried a delay in the disbursement of the fund for the last eight months which has left them distressed

Moses Njuguna from Majengo, Narok town one of the beneficiaries says the elderly are unable to meet their basic necessities which is a great challenge to them.

“Many of us are unable to afford essential healthcare services, food, and other basic necessities, some have children with disabilities looking upon them” added Njuguna.

Similarly, Lasenwa Nkadadu, a 75-year-old from the Motonyi area in Narok, said the programme has provided financial aid to the elderly and had been a lifeline for many residents, ensuring their basic needs were met. 

Nkadadu noted that the beneficiaries received their stipends once since the new government administrations took the oath of office.

The sudden cessation of these funds has left the elderly persons struggling to make ends meet, therefore urging the government for immediate intervention.

Another beneficiary, Namerae Marima from Olopito area in Narok, said without the fund, they are finding it increasingly challenging to meet their daily nutritional requirements.

“I am a widow who relies on that fund to buy medications since I am suffering from diabetes and blood pressure, therefore I request the government to give us money from the previous months,” Marima sa

The elderly persons are hopeful that the government will act swiftly to release the essential stipends that usually help them to sustain their livelihoods and enjoy their well-deserved retirement years.

The Inua Jamii Programme targets persons aged 70 years and above, orphans and vulnerable children as well as persons with severe disability.


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