Nairobi -Kisumu Train Services commences


Kenya Railway has announced the commencement of the newly rebuilt Railway line en route Nairobi-Kisumu from Friday 17th December.

Kenyans planning to travel from Nairobi to Kisumu have been encouraged to book their tickets for an 11hour journey, where the train will be leaving Nairobi by 6:00 am and arrive by 6:20 pm with a ticket costing Ksh.600 for economy class and Sh.2000 for the First class.

Kenya Railways published a schedule indicating the train will be leaving 6:00 am to Nakuru by 11:45 am and from there to the lakeside.

The newly fixed-up train has improved modernized look with comfortable seats for the passengers to relax and enjoy their long journey, especially for the Lakeside fellows.

The cooperation is confident that job opportunities will be created including small businesses for the Kenyans close to the route.


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