Mandera School For The Deaf Decry Shortage Of Sign Language Teachers


Mandera School for the Deaf is seeking assistance from the government on the acute shortage of sign language teachers due to the rapid increase of students at the institution.

The school has 150 pupils which is higher than the number of teachers in the school.

During the celebration of the International week for the deaf, ahead of World Deaf Day to be held on September 23, Dakane Abdi, a teacher at the school stated that the issue at hand requires immediate attention.

He further called upon educational stakeholders and the government to employ more sign language teachers for to the school.

The headteacher Mrs. Adan, regretted that the needs of the Deaf in the school had been neglected by the government which is a saddening situation.

The sentiments from the Mandera School for the Deaf administration, have raised the sore point of the school at the moment.

The teacher-to-student ratio is alarming and discouraging. However, if the government takes the matter at hand, learning at the institution will be restored seamlessly.

September is Deaf awareness month, held in high regard by the deaf community.

This month calls for the support of everyone to come together and make the deaf community feel included.

Deaf awareness promotes the importance of equal access to resources for the deaf.



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