Kuria Farmers Benefit from Smart Farming Training


Kuria farmers have been encouraged on adopting smart farming methods in order to improve their agricultural production which will help them generate income.

Technical Assistant for Kenya National Farmers Federation (KENAFF) Ms. Vera Ochieng, speaking at Kendege demonstration farms in Kuria East Sub County revealed that their core function was to organize farmers’ days and events where farmers come together to learn from various farm inputs companies.

The official noted that the core mandate of KENAFF was to lobby, advocate and create good policies for all the farmers to enjoy better returns. Ms. Ochieng said that the organization is an umbrella for all farmers in Kenya and urged them to join in order to help better their agricultural farm practices.

The chairperson of the Migori Farmers Association Mr. Peter Chacha raised concerns over challenges that farmers go through, noting that, the biggest problem with farmers was the usage of uncertified seeds that have seen low returns of yields.

“Previously, Kuria society was only planting Tobacco and when the tobacco growing collapsed they remained with no agricultural crop to grow. KENAFF has come on board through training to help farmers grow crops like cabbage”, said Chacha.

Benson Mwita, a beneficiary of the training and a farmer from Kuria East acknowledged that, the training will help him better his farming skills. He said that initially, he used to plant other cabbage varieties which did not do well but the KENAFF variety of Advanta that he was initially introduced to has given him better returns.

Kuria East Sub County Extension Officer Mr. Marwa Chacha said that he has reached many farmers in groups to educate them on the importance of agribusiness and smart farming. He acknowledged that fewer extension officers in the county forums like this will help to educate farmers in large numbers so that they can benefit from better farming practices.


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