Kirinyaga Woman Representative: “I will push for the introduction of sign language in schools”


Kirinyaga woman representative Jane Njeri Maina has guaranteed that she will push for the introduction of teaching sign language in schools as a mandatory subject.

She aims to provide an all inclusive environment for the Deaf community by ensuring that those abled differently will realize their full potential.

Maina also stated that this move will ease communication and thereby assist them to exercise their social and economic obligations.

Speaking in Kerugoya, last week while commemorating the Deaf awareness week, the woman representative believes that this proposition will cut the discrimination ties against the Deaf community.

She vehemently condemned the ignorance against sign language which has led to the detachment of the community in various employment sectors. This eventually leads to a slow progression of their economic growth.

In addition, Maina revealed that she believes in teaching children how to effectively communicate with their differently-abled associates. This will break the barrier where the Deaf are treated differently from others because children will grow to know that their peers are not strangers.

She urged parents of the differently abled children to take them to school. She issued a strict warning against parents violating a child’s right to education that they will be held accountable.

The new term politician convinced the special needs persons of a supportive administration which will ensure the equal distribution of bursaries and resource disbursement to the county Deaf school.

This move is part and parcel of her community-related role to the underprivileged.

Maina further encouraged the deaf community to exploit their God given talents. She urged them to utilize the resources they have and walk into government offices to table their concerns and proposals.

This will help the authority to identify their challenges and offer the required assistance.

She talked about the Deaf vying for leadership positions because their contributions and representation are very important in creating an inclusive and all-round society.



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