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Matters Disability Updated: 20 October 2021 14:12 EAT 508 Views | ~ 1 minute

Kenya Invents the First Online Sign Language Interpretation Application assistALL Application

Towards the end of 2019, a deadly pandemic brought the world to a standstill.

COVID -19 a virus that was first reported from Wuhan China, whichsaw many countries’ and their economies shut down.

Efforts to find a vaccine have been elusive as the world’s best scientists are still working round the clock to develop one.

Persons with disabilities have not been spared by the consequences of the disease.

For instance the deaf people face a lotchallenges when it comes to communicationbecause government through the ministry of health gave out guidelines to follow to contain the spread.

Among the measures included wearing of masks, which for the deaf and hard of hearing greatly impeded their communication, since they depend on sign language- a combination of hand movements and facial expressions to communicate.

Every year in the last week of September, the world marks the international deaf awareness week.

Have you ever thought about sign language interpretation services to deaf people in isolation during the coronavirus pandemic when everyone is covered in PPEs?

To curb this communication barrier, Signs Media Kenya Limitedin its effort to propagate social, economic political and talent development of persons with disabilities and precisely the deaf, has come up with assistALLan applicationthat will help the deaf people communicate during this pandemic even if isolation. The app that will be working 24/7 will enable one to get any form of sign language interpretation anywhere.

To download theassistALL app is as simple like 1, 2, 3just visit Google play store or visit www.assistallapp.com and register your details, create a channel and get or offer high quality interpretation services in your official sign language.

The magic of the app is; an interpreter can serve more deaf people without moving out of the house!

Stay safe komesha corona.

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