Kenya and Ghana Partners To Strengthen Tourism


The tourism and hospitality sector in Kenya is set to flourish after Skal Kenya and Skal club of Ghana signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in a bid to strengthen the collaboration and cooperation between the two countries.

According to the two parties, they will be guided by their respective national legislations with equal rights and mutual benefits, which will help them market products for each other.

The President Skal Kenya national committee, Mehboob Harunani told the media, the MoU will help in promoting tourism and increasing bilateral tourism flows with emphasis on cultural tourism, adventure, nature, sports, and beach tourism, organized for groups.

Harunani further said, all the Skal members in both countries in the field of hospitality, tourism, and travel; owning hospitality and tourism training institutions will partner to provide training, coaching, and mentoring with a focus on the growth of potential young Skal professionals employed and students enrolled in the respective sector.

“We are planning to create and extend a fast track exchange programme with emphasis to build on existing capacities for better customer service. A youth empowerment programme teaching resilience, mindset growth and foundation with emphasis on coaching and mentorship, cross exposure internship programmes at reputable hotels, tours, and travel companies,” said Harunani.

The partnership is also expected to help promote the image of the two countries, provide a platform for members to participate in seminars, conferences, exhibitions, symposia, and congresses related to tourism and related issues, as well as any other activities that pose a potential for tourism development for both countries, to encourage and support the exchange of experience.

International Skal Council President, Julia Dabab called upon members from both countries to cooperate adding that the MoU will present various opportunities to Africa.

“We need collaboration as Africa and stop depending on others doing almost everything for us. We need to do an amazing marketing job to market our destinations,” said Dabab.

President Skal club Ghana Stella Appenteng also urged members not to take the MoU as just a document but to be worked for and looked out to yield results.

“As a country, we are looking forward to this collaboration and we urge business people to join our club as they will get visible to various members, get external exposure to the organization,” she said.

Skal International is a professional organization promoting global tourism and friendship, uniting all sectors of the tourism industry.


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