KENGEN to Build Commercial Data Centre in Efforts to Increase Revenue Streams


Kenya Electricity Generating Company (KENGEN) has embarked on a plan to set up a commercial data centre that will house servers, network and storage for international firms. In efforts to increase its revenue streams, KENGEN will offer the service at a fee.

“KenGen plans to build a new Tier IV Data Centre that can host mission critical systems and provide colocation, business continuity and managed services facilities to local and international organizations; as an additional and diversified revenue stream,” says the firm in tender documents.

The company is seeking the services of a global consultant who will guide them in the feasibility study of setting up a commercial tier IV data centre as well as its design and certification.

In its latest tender documents, KENGEN revealed that the successful consultant will meet the project stakeholders to pick on the location of the land and determine the requirements.

The consultant will be required to provide the design, technical specifications such as power, cooling, physical security, cabling, communication and fire protection for the project.

A tier IV data centre is an advanced computing and information storage facility with a 99.99 percent guaranteed availability of up-time per year.

Targeted customers include companies that prioritize integrity of their stored data for internal and external operations as well as those with huge volumes of data

Companies with mission critical systems with international reach and high internet traffic require tier IV facilities which are configured in a way that ensures no single outage or error can shut down the system.

KENGEN has embarked on a number of income generating activities including the planned set up of a geothermal drilling detergent manufacturing factory that will see it stop importing the commodity and make savings.

KENGEN’s other projects include commercial treatment and bottling of drinking water following the commissioning of Gitaru Water Drinking Plant, and the KenGen Calibration Centre.


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