I Also Work for a Hospital – The Story of Amputee Footballer


Fast-rising football Amputee, Mzee Lucky Hinzano, challenged Persons with Disabilities to live beyond their limits.

In an exclusive interview, Hinzano disclosed that his employment with a hospital was made possible by his success as a football player.

“I have been employed by a private hospital called Ibnusina Nursing Home located in Lamu Town and I thank the bosses because they discovered my talent and were able to give me a chance to play whenever needed,” he narrated.

Hinzano has served as a role model for the younger generation who abandon their goals after facing little difficulties. He is really happy about how his dedication and attention allowed him to join the national team.

“I tried my best in football and I am happy that I was able to join the Kenya Amputee Football Club,” he stated.

Mzee Lucky Hinzano(right) during a football match

Hinzano admires renowned footballers and aspires to be like them. He declared that the reason he is the person he is now is because of his parents.

“My mentor is the parents who took the responsibility of raising me. In our Kilifi Amputee Football Club, there are two players who play outside and they have really become my mentors, they always encourage me,” he noted.

He pursued a diploma in Health Records and Information Management and considers Jenniffer Waruingi, the former Miss Lamu County, to be an inspiration.

“Madam Waridi for sure is my role model, because she does things beyond what men do, how she fights to get what she needs at the right time. I learn a lot from her,” he stated.

He urged PWDs to stop feeling sorry for themselves and fight hard to realize their aspirations.

“Everyone has their own chance that God has planned for them, so he or she must fight for that chance or Talents. Being discouraged will always be there, but try to fight for your dream and don’t look at people’s words because even the non-disabled are also discouraged so focus and go for it.

PWDs should know that their disability cannot be reversed, but when they accept that condition, they will see themselves as equal to others,” he said.

Hinzano acknowledged workplace inclusion and diversity in reference to a time when he attended a job interview.

“I went to a job interview one time and I didn’t see any discrimination, they did what was needed. I thank God for the far I have come,” he concluded.       

Mzee Lucky Hinzano(middle) with fellow members of Amputee Football Club


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