Five People Arrested In Ksh.2.9M Fake Gold Scam


Detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have arrested four Kenyans and a Cameroon citizen over a Ksh.2.9 million fake gold fraud in Karen, Nairobi County.

The five are said to have defrauded a Korean of the money while claiming to sell him gold bars using a company named Ekweme Enterprises, according to reports by DCI on Tuesday.

Fatuma Mohammed, Robinson Gitau, Eva Kimotho, Livai Kombo, and Utia Kugi have used accomplices who directed direct Song Sung to their supposed company premises in the upmarket neighborhood where he was shown the purported gold bars.

The accomplices later made away with the money Sung offered for the bars, Sung realizing he had been conned he alerted the police.

DCI stated after completing their initial investigations, serious crimes detectives lured the five suspects into a trap and arrested all of them.

Up to now, Steel boxes of the fake gold bars were recovered in the incident, while the five are in police custody awaiting arraignment.


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