Doctors Strike In Various Counties

KMPDU Secretary General Davji Bhimji/PHOTO COURTESY


Doctors, nurses, clinical officers, and other health workers from Kisumu, Mombasa, Nyamira, Vihiga, Bomet, and Nyandarua counties are currently on strike following delayed payment of salaries.

According to a clip shared by Citizen TV on youtube, Nyamira County students from the Kenya Medical College (KMTC) in Nyamira County were attending to patients as no nurse or doctor was present.

Union officials sounded a warning against county officials planning to threaten health workers that downed their tools.

The union officials claimed that it’s the responsibility of the County Government to take care of its workers and not intimidate, or threaten workers.

Health workers castigated some devolved units for deliberately frustrating them by failing to pay salaries and remit their stately deductions on time.

President Ruto commended the formation of the Human Resources advisory council to look into matters affecting the Health Care Center.

The health workers haven’t reported to the hospital since the 19th of April and claim they will do so unless their dues are paid.

The KMPDU Secretary General Davji Bhimji stated that they are putting more emphasis on the fact that this is a demonstration of the inability of members to attend work due to lack f resources and not a strike.


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