Deputy President Signs Charter With Persons With Disabilities


Deputy president Wiliam Ruto’s Kenya Kwanza Alliance on Wednesday signed a charter with Persons With Disabilities in Karen, Nairobi.

Speaking while meeting Persons With Disabilities, DP said he will protect, empower and support Persons With Disabilities should he win the 9th August general election.

The country’s second in command noted that, Persons With Disabilities should not be discriminated against and undermined because of their conditions.

“They face stigma and are denied their rights and access to justice and economic opportunities”, he said.

Ruto added that Persons With Disabilities should always be included in decision-making processes in the country so that their voice is heard and their issues addressed.

“We will deliberately involve persons with disabilities in the political process of our country”, he noted.

The Kenya kwanza presidential flagbearer said his government will ensure Persons With Disabilities have jobs and are able to take control of their lives.

On education matters, the DP said his office will offer special education to persons with disabilities to advance their education.

“We will ensure we have given people with disabilities the best chance to acquire knowledge,” he said.

Ruto said PWDs can take part in paying taxes only if they have business opportunities or reliable sources of income.

Nominated member of parliament, David Ole Sankok on the other hand, regretted that Persons With Disabilities are still being despised by society.

“We cannot just be toilet cleaners or suppliers of tissue papers and toothpicks. We are educated and can engage in serious business,” said Sankok.

Isaac Mwaura who was also present during the meeting said the government should actualize the dreams of Persons With Disabilities by engaging them in gainful businesses.


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