CS Magoha:Fake Degree Issue Should Be Dealt With Professionally Not Politically


Education Cabinet Secretary Professor George Magoha says the issue of fake degrees should be dealt with professionally and not politically.

“It is very unfortunate that the issues of fake degrees are now being politicized instead of being handled professionally,” said the CS.

Professor Magoha’s remarks come amid controversies surrounding the authenticity of academic papers held by politicians seeking elective seats in the August General Election.

Regards to Sakaja’s degree saga, the CS said the issue should be left to the Commission for University Education because it is in their mandate.

Magoha said academic institutions should not be faulted for the fake papers because they always check the authenticity of their employees’ degrees as well as their graduates who work elsewhere.

He further noted that verification of degrees is a very easy task that can be handled by the relevant bodies. 

Professor Magoha proposed that all relevant bodies should verify all degrees in the country so as to get rid of fake papers.

The CS added that in his capacity, if he had the power he would have ordered a crackdown on fake degrees.

Magoha was speaking in Rongo, Migori county where he was assessing the competency-Based Curriculum preparations ahead of the launch.


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