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Local News Updated: 11 August 2023 14:59 EAT 328 Views | ~ 1 minute

Choosing This Career Path Was the Best Decision I Ever Made - Sign Language Interpreter Reveals

choosing-this-career-path-was-the-best-decision-i-ever-made-sign-language-interpreter-reveals Image

A flourishing Sign Language interpreter urged the younger generation to enroll in Sign Language classes because she said doing so will lead to a great journey.

Speaking during an exclusive interview, Irene Chebiwot, who works as a Sign Language interpreter based at Signs TV, was all smiles as she celebrated her career choice.

“Choosing Sign Language was the best decision I ever made. I would like to call on all people to consider taking this course as it is in high demand.

Many organizations have now embraced inclusion and diversity hence in search of sign language interpreters,” she said.

Chebiwot, stated that her passion to pick this career path was brought about by the desire to help make communication inclusive and accessible.

“Many people are now interested in sign language as they want to have smooth communication with the Deaf,” she noted.

She joined Signs Media after a long search for a space to exercise her skills.

“I joined this company in May 2023 through a referral from a friend who was working as an intern during that time.

She told me it was a nice place that would give me exposure and career growth as they had fully embraced inclusivity,” she added.

Before joining Signs TV, she worked at Agha Khan Primary School Deaf Unit.


Chebiwot studied for a certificate in Sign Language at Kenya Institute of Special Education in 2021 before joining St. Pauls University where she pursued a diploma in Sign Language.

Though facing discouragement from society, she was focused to achieve her dreams.

“Sometimes people would wonder why I chose such a course but I did not let their words discourage me.

There are times I felt discouraged for lacking a place to practice my skills, but am happy that the course is now marketable,” she narrated.

She further revealed that she is on a journey to add more knowledge in order to be of more help to the Deaf.

“I want to take a course in counseling psychology where I will major with the deaf as I feel they go through a lot of challenges but suffer in silence for lack of proper communication.

I feel most of the parents are also not in a position to advise Deaf children as they just have a slight knowledge of sign language,” she concluded.


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