CCTVs Launched To Curb Road Carnage


Road safety stakeholders and agents on Sunday launched Live CCTV for monitoring trucks and bus drivers that ply long-distance routes.

The drivers will now be monitored from Mombasa to Malaba courtesy of the technology that is proving to be the only way to curb road carnage in the country.

Speaking in Mombasa during the launch, the director of Pioneer Road Safety Consultants (PRSC) Mr. Habel Okema noted that most crashes are a result of human error which can easily be managed through CCTV.

“We are glad to report that today we are looking after over 15,000 drivers on our roads and since inception in 2017 the 15,000 drivers have remained safe,” said Habel.

The CCTVs will be installed in all the 15 rest stations that have been built by PRSK across the country.

“This is a big step as we strive to work on reducing crashes on our roads that have claimed hundreds of lives in the country,” said NTSA regional manager Ms. Eva Nyawira Mwangi who challenged other private entities to join the government’s initiative of saving lives on the roads.

According to the latest statistics, the country has lost more than 3,500 people since the year began.

The NTSA coast region boss also confirmed truck drivers have lost lives through highway carjackers and called National Police patrol to intensify highway security patrols.

She also urged drivers not to carry unauthorized passengers, saying the highway robbers camouflage as passengers.

“We have northern corridor and highway police patrol teams and this is a call to the police to beef up security to ensure our drivers are comfortable during the day and night and we also call on the drivers not to pick up passengers along the way “the NTSA boss appealed.

Kenya Transporters Association Chairman Newton Wangoo said through Checkmate driver’s welfare is being addressed and the safety of cargo is ensured too.


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