Black Albinism- Climate Change Advocacy


Climate change has a devastating impact on persons with albinism – with a lack of pigmentation in their skin, hair, and eyes, they are susceptible to sunlight hence increasing risks of sunburns, skin damage, and skin cancers.

A recent event by The Black Albinism Organization intended to amplify inclusive voices on Climate Change Advocacy and intensify awareness of the effects of climate change among persons with albinism.

The event dubbed “Cat Walk for Climate Advocacy” brought together community members, activists, and fashion enthusiasts to promote acceptance, understanding, and support for persons with albinism in the face of climate challenge.

The Black Albinism event held in Machakos County was epitomized by a fashion catwalk contest and a tree-planting exercise that addressed the relationship between climate change and environmental conservation.

The ceremony commenced with a procession through the streets of Machakos County to symbolize unity, solidarity, and the power of collective action.

During the walk, the Black Albinism team visited the Masaku School For The Physically Disabled where they engaged in meaningful activities aimed at educating people on the importance of providing support to persons with disabilities.

The visit, according to the team’s report, reinforced the importance of inclusive education and equal opportunities for persons with disabilities.

They planted fifty trees at the school as part of climate advocacy – the trees will contribute to reforestation efforts, improve air quality, and mitigate the effects of climate change.

The event culminated with a fashion catwalk contest which saw more than 20 looks make their way to the stage dressed in different one-of-a-kind outfits designed from various materials.

The outfits displayed the model’s and designer’s incredible superpower to translate complex ideas into innovative, sustainable, and inclusive fashion choices that reflected the unique experiences and needs of individuals with albinism.

The essence of the Fashion catwalk contest was to showcase how fashion can be utilized to advocate for climate change and raise awareness about albinism.

It was a fierce competition that left the audience scrambling to get their phones up in time to snap photos.

Bradly Giggs and Sharon Wamuyu were crowned winners of the fashion contest, they received cash prizes and were named ambassadors of the Black Albinism organizations for a year.

The event was wrapped up with a knowledge-sharing session from experts, activists, and individuals with albinism who shared their insights, experiences, and strategies to address the intersection of albinism, climate change, and sustainable practices.

Black Albinism is a youth-led pro-disability organization that focuses on advancing the rights of people with albinism through advocacy and implementation of inclusive programs for persons with albinism.

The organization’s mandate and interventions include inclusive economic empowerment, where they have CHAMA in which people with albinism, their families, and with support from friends pull resources together to lift themselves out of the circumstances brought about by poverty.

They also nurture talent through their Black Albinism Football Club which helps transform the lives of individuals by bolstering their physical, psychological, emotional, and social well-being.

Black Albinism’s main initiative is Climate change advocacy in which they seek to increase knowledge and awareness of the impact of climate change on Persons with disabilities.


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