Bipartisan Talks Suspended


The bipartisan talks were suspended for seven days on Tuesday after the two factions from the ruling Kenya Kwanza and Azimio coalitions failed to agree on contentious issues.

Addressing the media after a closed-door meeting, the Azimio One Kenya team led by bipartisan Chair Otiende Amolo revealed that some of the issues raised led to “irreconcilable differences.”

“We will get nowhere even with the substantive issues as our colleagues are not negotiating in good faith. Our colleagues have refused to cede to any of our issues, which has led us to believe that there is no need of going on with the talks,” Mr Amollo said.

Among the contentious issues which brought the disagreement between the two factions is the reconstitution of the electoral commission—which was to be discussed on Monday, but the Kenya Kwanza team had no report like their counterparts who were ready and hence could not proceed with talks.

In a subsequent press address, the Kenya Kwanza team led by George Muragara on their side said they’re open to continuing with the talks with a focus on the constitution of the IEBC.

According to Muragara, the Azimio team brought up issues that had already been discussed and concluded in last week’s meeting.

While citing the IEBC report, he said the sub-committee on the electoral commission was to present one report, dismissing Azimio’s assertions that they were ready with their report.

“There was to be one report even when there was disagreement among them, we expected two views in it,” Mr. Murugara said. 

Both Kenya Kwanza and Azimio decided to hold bipartisan talks to resolve issues raised by the opposition.

Last week the two teams exuded confidence that the progress of the talks was seamless and that they were almost arriving at a peaceful agreement.


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