assistALL Technology Is Needed To Improve Deaf People Airport Experience


Traveling is generally intended to be a relaxing experience or an interesting one. However, whether it is for business or holiday purposes, it can be stressful to travel to and explore your destination. For those suffering from hearing loss and traveling by airplane, this is all the truer.

For those with hearing problems, air travel can be hard. Airlines frequently change flight times and places of boarding. Last-minute modifications are usually announced through intercoms, meaning an individual with hearing impairment might miss them. However, by having the assistALL application installed in their phones, people with hearing impairment can make their own journeys smooth.

Despite deafness affecting five per cent of the world’s population, assistive technology for the deaf is widely unavailable at most airports.  Reduced Mobility Rights recently published study identifying critical issues with accessibility and assistance services shows that most airports are deaf to the needs of the hearing impaired.

The imminent impact on the ageing population is the wakeup call for the air travel industry. One-third of people over 65 years of age are affected by disabling hearing loss. Needless to say, airports must urgently take action to tackle the state of social isolating the hearing impaired when traveling by air.

Deafness is a significant impairment; however, deaf people normally decline assistance at airports as they do not identify their condition to disability.

The vast majority of hearing-impaired passengers are happy to remain independent during their journey through airports, provided assistive technology is made available to enhance their travel experience.

There are a number of readily available, affordable assistive technology solutions that can greatly improve the airport experience for the hearing impaired and people with mild visual impairments as well as those with learning and cognitive difficulties.


assistALL Technology at Check-In Desks

Clearly marked Check-In Desks equipped with assistALL technology to support the needs of the hearing impaired must feature hearing loop, dedicated FIDS (Flight Information Display Systems) with video in ISL (International Sign Language) and captioned information detailing security checked luggage requirements.

assistALL app works 24 hours a day and enables one to get any form of sign language interpretation services wherever and whenever which goes a long way in eliminating communication barriers at the airport. assistAll app not only creates emp loyment but also raises self-esteem for the hearing impaired because as they get assisted, their status in society will rise.

Some people with hearing loss or deafness may avoid air travel because they are concerned about missing announcements or are unable to interact with flight attendants. However, traveling can be less stressful and more comfortable with the correct preparing.

To install the assistALL application, one visits Google Play store to register their details, create a channel and get or offer high quality interpretation services in their official sign language.


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