Apple Hits Ksh. 300 Trillion Market Value


The Apple company will continue launching the best products on the market as it becomes the first company in the world to hit $3 trillion in market capitalization.

The company’s shares hit $182.88 in mid-day trading, a new record and the first to be set amongst companies in the world as investors bet that, consumers will continue to shell out top dollar for iPhones, MacBooks, and services such as Apple TV and Apple Music.

The company’s stocks have risen higher during the covid 19 pandemic where most people heavily relied on tech, by March 2019 the company’s market value was at Ksh.2 trillion and it has taken 16months to hit 3 trillion.

The market growth will offer a great opportunity to rise from the pandemic led by Tesla Inc, Apple, and Nvidia, Analysts expect the demand to remain higher this year.


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