Achieving An Inclusive Transport Sector


Most if not all transportation companies in the world have specialized in working with abled persons which is a disadvantage for persons with disabilities.

Persons with disabilities have reported situations where they are overcharged due to the time they take while boarding, a recent example being Uber.

Recently, a case brought by the US Department of Justice focused on disabled passengers allegedly being made to pay wait charges because they needed extra time to board vehicles.

Uber charges a fee if a driver has to wait more than two minutes to pick up any passenger, but the Department of Justice said applying fees to riders with disabilities amounts to unlawful discrimination.

In Kenya, the issue is not different given that people with disabilities are often discriminated especially in public transportation where they are overcharged or ignored.

Organizations such as Flone Initiative are working closely with Disability and transport stakeholders in discussion groups in the formulation of transport policies, regulations, recommendations, and ways of creating awareness of disability inclusion in the public transport sector.

This narrative is about to take a turn for the best following a sustainable campaign to mainstream disability in the entire public transport system.

The ministry of transport is at an advanced stage to roll out bus rapid transit within the Nairobi metropolis which will have disability-friendly amenities.

Another organization is the Commission in partnership with UN-Habitat which is collaborating with the Institute of Transportation and Development Policy (ITDP) on a project titled “Access and Mobility” whose goal is to promote the development of a transport system that is inclusive and accessible to all in Kenya, including persons with disabilities.

The project will engage stakeholders in discussions to embed the concept of universal accessibility in the formulation of transport policies, regulations, and practices.



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