420 Permanent Early Childhood Development and Education Teachers absorbed in Kirinyaga.


Speaking at Kaitheri Youth Polytechnic, the Kirinyaga County Government on Tuesday announced the absorption of all the county’s Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) teachers into the permanent and pensionable scheme which will take effect this month-July

According to the County Executive Committee Member for Education James Kinyua Mutugi, the new scheme will benefit all the 420 teachers who have been serving under three years’ contract terms.

“I am committed to ensuring we improve the learning environment and service in our institutions to improve education and benefit our pupils,” Governor Waiguru added.

Waiguru also assured the teachers that their salaries will be increased from Kshs 15 000 to Kshs 55 000 depending on their entry level adding that the year budget has also been increased per counties to ensure that is place.

Survey has also shown that the increased investment of ECDE has also realized an increase by parent to enroll their kids to public school instead of the usual private at that stage.


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