Manufacturers To Get Standardization Mark, Says KEBS Executives


Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) has urged manufacturers to consider getting a premium mark of quality which shows that they have the requirements and have undergone all the processes which satisfy the compliance of the standardization mark.

Speaking during a breakfast meeting with Chief Executive Officers (CEO) of its customer companies from the Coast Region, the Regional Manager Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS), Charles Musee revealed that a number of companies have been issued with the diamond mark adding that, it is as a result of consistency and compliance to standards thus urging more manufacturers to consider applying for the same.

“This is a great milestone trying to sell the diamond mark which is our mark of excellence and standardization mark, we are urging our customers to go for this mark,” said Musee.

The theme of the meeting was “KEBS your partner in trade” which offered a platform for KEBS to outline services they offer to the factories which include; quality assurance services, metrology services, testing services, and support certification services.

KEBS Director Metrology and Tasting Dr. Henry Rotich said, the focus of the institution is strengthening the collaboration of stakeholders and improving the quality of products manufactured in the country specifically as they move towards the African continental free trade area.

Rotich stressed the need to improve the quality of products so that Kenya is placed at a better advantage.

“We have shared a number of initiatives KEBS is doing to make our country very competitive as a destination for investment and manufacturing. The focus is on improving our quality infrastructure so that there is acceptance of products as we export outside the country,” he said.

He noted that, through the forum, they have engaged and gotten feedback from the industry on what they can do together to improve areas of collaboration and also potential for information sharing, especially on market surveillance.


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