You Wanna Chill with the Big Boys


Over the festive season, Kenya witnessed lots of artists coming to perform in the country, ranging from the king of dancehall music Konshens, and the majority were dancehall artists. Here is the thing though, if you thought that that’s it, and now we have to wait till the next festive season, then you are wrong because Goya Menor will be performing in Nairobi on January 16th according to his social media platforms.

The ‘You want to bamba’ hitmaker through a video posted on Instagram on Sunday, said the event is slated to take place at the B-Club next week.

“You want to bamba you wanna chill with the big boys, whats up Kenya it’s your boy Goya Menor if you really wanna chill with the big boys come out at B-Club Nairobi because I’m going to be there.” Said Menor

Further, Goya Menor, the Nigerian singer is behind the viral ‘Ameno’ Amapiano remix song, which has become one of the biggest hits in Kenya and in social media circles, especially during the December holidays.

The amapiano remix has attracted massive airplay, while also receiving a lot of playbacks from TikTok users who are keen on chilling with the big boys.

The single has equally become Menor’s greatest breakthrough hit after tinkering with his art it out for a while and without success.

The Nigerian superstar is currently in Daresalaam, Tanzania, where he performed during the weekend.


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