Yesterday politician promising to make yesterday and today better!


Woo as I woo, contradict as I contradict, a game of action and reactions, you have been in the government and made things worst, you were in the government and changed nothing at all. Kenya 2022 August election campaigns!

With less than two months to the August general elections, politicians are now busy in different parts of the country desperately trying to win Kenyan’s affection in a bid to increase their mileage as they cover more grounds.

The manifestos have been unveiled, full of old issues and promises from the same politicians who have been in power and promised to deliver on the same issues they are outlining as Kenya’s major economy derailers.

The 2022 general election has been a game of economy, social welfare, and re-establishment of dead sectors such as manufacturing and agriculture.

As a voter before heading to the ballot, ask yourself which of these promises are realistic and how are they going to be implemented, don’t be gullible.

Well, politicians fundamentally affect the welfare of citizens in a democracy but holding them accountable has never been an easy task, after you elect them you will never monitor what they are up to or their next move everything changes and you have to dance to their rhythm.

During every election period, politicians promise a lot including heaven on earth for the voters which is impossible, some of the promises are forgotten by voters after the ballot, funny right? but we all know politicians will say anything that will earn them votes, it is up to a voter to evaluate them.

Most elections are won on hollow promises, what we need to understand is that a promise is different from a policy, we imagine political parties and their candidates commit to implementing promises as policies.

Some of the promises already made by presidential candidates include;

Easing the high cost of living.

Prioritizing value addition to improve earnings from harvests and protect businesses with lower taxes and cheaper loans.

Subsidizing farm inputs.

In Western Kenya, the revival of collapsed sugar factories.

Solving land issues for some regions like the Coast and Narok(Maa community).

The few days ahead are enough for you as a voter to look at history and compare, especially for the politicians who have tested power, vote wisely.


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