World Theatre Day


World Theatre Day is celebrated annually on 27th March. It was initiated in 1961 by the International Theatre Institute ITI, to pay respect to and celebrate the beauty, creativity, hard work and artistry that goes into all of the aspects of theatre production.

The theme is the same each year: Theatre and a Culture of Peace.

The goals behind World Theatre Day are to promote all forms of theatre in countries around the globe, to enjoy different forms, and to share the joys of the art form with others.

This day is celebrated across the world by theatres, theatre professionals, theatre lovers and theatre universities.

Each year, it is tradition for the International Theatre Institute to provide a message that brings greetings and encouragement for those who are involved with, or  appreciate, the theatre in its various forms.

The message is translated into more than 50 languages, read for tens of thousands of spectators before performances in theatres throughout the world.

Theatre dates back 1000bc in Greece, where it was not only a form of art and entertainment, but formed part of their culture.

Today, theatres promote education, raise awareness on issues and an escape from the digital world.



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