World Telecommunication and Information Society Day



World Telecommunication and Information Society Day is celebrated yearly on May 17. The day aims at promoting awareness about the significance of telecommunications and the part of information and communication technologies in raising social and economic development worldwide.

According to News 18, the 2023 theme for the world telecommunication and information society is “Empowering the least developed countries through information and communication technologies.”

The event has been celebrated yearly on May 17 since 1969 in accord with the United Nations. The day branded the signing of the first international telegraph convention in 1865 and the founding of the international communication union.

The UN General Assembly announced the date as World information society day in November 2005 as it was appealed to by the world summit on the information society.

The day peaks the likelihood and chances that ICTs offer in traversing the digital divide, boosting inclusivity, and attaining the Sustainable Development goals of the United Nations.

The day stresses the significance of global access to information and communication technologies, uniquely in advancing countries, so as to lessen imbalances and strengthen communities and people.

It unites technology enthusiasts, policymakers, industry experts, and the overall public, so as to debate emerging trends, challenges, and chances in the world of telecommunications and information society.

According to BQ Prime, you can celebrate the day by; Researching the history of telecommunications, Getting involved in your community, and making use of social media to raise awareness.


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