World Sports Journalists Day 2022: History, significance.


Commonly referred to as International sports Journalists Day, the event is celebrated every year on July 2, to acknowledge and encourage the work of Sports Journalists across the globe.

Established in 1994 by the International Sports Press Association, the holiday was created to celebrate its 70th anniversary, after the profession began to take shape as newspapers dedicated more time and space to sports Journalism.

The International Sports Press Association is an Independent Sports Organization with 160 member associations from which it receives funding to enhance cooperation between the members in defending sports and the professional interests of as well as possible working conditions for members.

There are several forms of sports Journalism such as play-by-play reporting, game recap analysis, investigative sports Journalism, data journalism and many more.

It developed during the 1800s but was mainly centered on elitist’s sports such as horse racing and boxing, but the penny press opened door to affordable newspaper production, ultimately making the publications accessible everywhere.


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