Tobacco as harmful as it is has been readily accepted by society without considering the adverse health effects they bring to humanity. This article features the substances in tobacco that make it a threat to humans.


  • Nicotine narrows your veins and arteries. This can
    • damage your heart by forcing it to work faster and harder
    • slowing your blood and reducing oxygen to your feet and hands.
  • Carbon monoxide deprives your heart of the oxygen it needs to pump blood around your body. Over time, your airways swell up and let less air into your lungs.
  • Tar is a sticky substance that coats your lungs like soot in a chimney.
  • Phenols paralyse and kill the hair-like cells in your airways. These cells sweep clean the lining of your airways and protect them against infections.
  • Tiny particles in tobacco smoke irritate your throat and lungs and cause a ‘smoker’s cough’. This makes you produce more mucus and damages lung tissue.
  • Ammonia and formaldehyde irritate your eyes, nose and throat.
  • Cancer-causing chemicals make your cells grow too fast or abnormally. This can result in cancer cells.
  • Make ones have saggy skin, tooth and hair loss.

In 2016, Kenya introduced 3 picture-based health warnings on cigarette packages following the unsuccessful challenge by British American Tobacco (BAT). However, the report also identified the need for the Government of Kenya to strengthen tobacco control efforts.

Awareness is still being raised on the same so as to ensure that most users decide on their health based on the information given on the packets.

Do you think that tobacco users actually read the information and warnings given on the packets and if they do, is the information clear on the effect it has on their health?


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