World Malaria Day



World malaria day is a global occasion by the world health organization (WHO) and the international health community to raise awareness and eliminate Malaria which is considered a life-threatening disease.

World malaria day is observed annually on April 25 across the world.

According to the World health organization, malaria is caused by plasmodium and is transmitted when bitten by a female Anopheles mosquito.

However, Malaria can be treated and prevented using antimalaria; medicines insecticides mosquito nets.

In 2022, the disease had caused nearly 6,19,000 deaths in 2021, as against 6,25,000 in 2020 as per the reports. Malaria is a serious problem, especially in Sub-Saharan Africa which has led to significant loss of life. 

Further statistics reveal that 80% of the deaths caused by malaria in the African region, were among children below the age of 5.

The world health Assembly declared April 25 as a world malaria day in 2007. The World Malaria Day theme is different every year, based on the objectives and goals set to eradicate this disease.

The 2023 world malaria day theme is “TIME TO DELIVER ZERO MALARIA: INVEST, INNOVATE, IMPLEMENT”. WHO will direct its focus to the third ‘I’ – with the aim of raising awareness of the need to, implement’ the tools and the strategies to shut out the disease.

The day was declared to raise awareness of the impact of the disease and the efforts to prevent its spread. It also provides an opportunity for stakeholders, organizations, and government to work together to fight against malaria.

The government on Tuesday joined the rest of the world in marking World Malaria Day.

The event which was organized by the Ministry of Health through the Division of National Malaria Programme was held in Nyamira county.

Health being a devolved function, similar events were organized across all 47 counties.


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