World Heart Day


World heart day is celebrated annually on the 29th of September. Following the numerous deaths that occur as a result of heart–related issues, the World Heart Federation in collaboration with World Health Organization created this day with an aim of creating awareness of cardiovascular diseases and how to control them.

The President of the World Health Federation from 1997-1999 Antoni Bayés de Luna, came up with the idea of World Heart Day.

This annual event was first celebrated on September 24th, 2000, and until 2011, World Heart Day was observed on the last Sunday in September. Later on, it was decided that the day should be observed on 29th September of every year.

The day is commemorated to promote different preventative steps and changes in lifestyle to avoid any cardiovascular diseases, like heart attack, stroke, heart failure, and any other condition related to the heart.

The theme of World Heart Day 2022 is “use heart for every heart.” Use heart for every heart” which means to think differently and make the right decisions that will help others.

“For every heart “requires changing the action to serve everyone.

According to The World Health Federation, heart diseases and strokes are the world’s leading causes of death globally.

Lack of exercise, unhealthy diets, high blood pressure, and overeating are some of the factors that can result in heart disease.

The aim of this event is to improve health by encouraging people to make lifestyle changes and promoting education worldwide about ways to maintain a healthy heart.

Reports of obesity, poor diet, and physical inactivity have for a long time now become a matter of concern for most people.

Through creating awareness campaigns, fitness sessions, walk and runs, public talks, and health checks, people are able to get more informed on matters that are heart-related.

As a way of observing World Heart Day, it is important to have a healthy diet at all times, work out regularly and quit alcohol and smoking. Additionally, it is important to have one’s blood pressure and heart checked regularly.




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