World HIV remains a major public health issue that affects millions of people worldwide, Persons With Disabilities included, The theme of World AIDS Day 2021 is “End inequalities. End AIDS”.  With a special focus on reaching people left behind, Persons With Disabilities need to be sensitized on the risks of HIV, most people focus on their disabilities forgetting other possible risks around them.

Education materials are to be provided for Persons With Disabilities because low literacy levels complicate understanding of HIV messages, most messages are inaccessible to Persons With Disabilities such as the Deaf, Visual Impaired, and for the Physically Impaired the facilities are inaccessible.

As we celebrate this day let’s not assume that Persons With Disabilities are exceptional or not at risk, include them in testing by ensuring government facilities are easily accessible, information for the Deaf put in Kenya Sign Language and for the Visual Impaired present the information in braille. Policies to be developed for protecting Person With Disabilities who are already infected by the HIV virus.

Above all, stop stigmatization, stop discrimination, end inequalities and we shall overcome.


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